Custom Orders

Custom Wood Burned Art & More

Over the years I've done many custom wood burnings, custom paintings, ornaments, wedding favors, graphic design work, and so much more! With my wide background and experience in the arts, along with experience in art education, I can do just about anything!

Some of my most popular custom items are custom wood burned art and custom wood burned coasters. Like I mentioned above, I can create just about anything. I also do photography and photo editing and love fantasy Photoshop art. I have created many different types of custom orders in many different art mediums for clients all over the country.

So if you like my work and are interested in booking a custom order with me or just want some more information on pricing or timeline quotes, please contact me for more information! Please note due to my busy schedule I cannot always take custom orders, but if I have time, I would love to work with you!