Fine Art Prints With a Touch of Magic!

Enchanted Art Prints by Green Artist Designs

In this post I want to highlight my art prints for sale - which includes prints of my paintings and my fine art photography.

If you scroll through my work, you can tell I love color and magical is basically my middle name. ✨

Artwork Created From Dreams

I love to create art that looks like you saw it in a dream or another world.

As an artist of many mediums, I don't offer just one sort of thing on my website, I do a little bit of everything. I paint in oils, acrylics, watercolors, and sometimes mix many mediums together for a beautiful mixed media effect. I also do fine art photography with an emphasis on natural light photography along with wood burning, fluid art, and so much more.

You would think it's easy to talk about your own work, but I sometimes find it hard to explain to people what I actually do. I truly can do just about anything, but I sell what I love and what I think others will love too.

If you like some of my work, I hope you'll come back often to check out my website as I'm always adding new products. Along with my art I sell, I also sell crystals, jewelry, candles, and other unique goodies and gifts.

Below you'll see some of my favorite prints that I am going to show off. Make sure to read to the end for a discount code as well!

Magical Art Prints For Sale ✨

Abstract Enchanted Landscape Art Print

This abstract landscape art print is full of color and is a whimsical piece of art to display. Everyone will see this abstract painting differently, but I see snowflakes and a peaceful water scene.

Cherry Blossom Photography Print

cherry blossom wall art print 

This cherry blossom print is a stunning array of pink tones that will bring the magic of cherry blossom flowers into your space.

Crescent Moon Art Print

watercolor moon art for sale

A crescent moon painting is great to display anywhere and also makes a great and unique gift to anyone who loves the moon!

Enchanted Forest Art Print

enchanted forest nursery art for sale

What's more magical than an enchanted forest? This enchanted forest art print is stunning and would look perfect displayed in any area of your home, office, or studio.

Firefly Forest Art Print

I made one of my best-selling greeting cards into an art print and this firefly forest wall print does not disappoint!

Magical Rose Photography Print

rose photography

Who doesn't love roses? My photography style is natural light at golden hour. This stunning magical rose photography print is a beautiful statement piece.

Pink Sunflower Photography Print

pink sunflower art

Picture this: you walk into a sunflower field full of different color sunflowers. My pink sunflower photography print is so magical and another great statement art piece!

Secret Garden Photography Print

Secret Garden Photography

This photograph came to life inspired by a book series I'm writing. It's a secret garden outside of a castle, and each flower is magical. Check out this stunning secret garden photograph here.

Enchanting Art by Amanda The Green Artist 💚

Thanks for checking out some of my unique art prints for sale! All of these beautiful and colorful paintings and photographs would look beautiful displayed anywhere. My art prints are great decor to bring a touch of magic into your life.

My biggest inspirations are nature, fairy tales, and all things magic. Click here to check out all my art prints I currently have for sale.

Use code BLOG for 10% off any order on my website! I also offer free US shipping. ✨

Thanks for reading!

- Amanda The Green Artist 💚

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