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    Some say crystals hold the secrets of the universe. Crystals can take hundreds or thousands of years to form, so I would say this is pretty true! When you purchase a healing crystal, more than likely this stone has been on earth longer than you've been alive. That is what makes crystals so magical, for so many years they have been soaking up the energy of the earth.

    I've been sharing my love of crystals for years now and I love offering unique gorgeous pieces in my store. For many years I have researched and practiced with healing crystals. Many stones are believed to have healing and manifesting properties. Whether you believe that or not, I think we can all agree how stunning they are! After all, they don't just form in one night, it takes years for these stones to grow into something beautiful.

    If you want a stone straight from the earth, then a raw crystal is what you are looking for. If you are looking for a specific shape of crystal, check out crystal balls and crystal towers. We also offer crystal shaped hearts!

    All crystals you see available here are curated and personally inspected by me. We proudly offer many types of crystals in our crystal shop! Shop a wide selection of natural raw stones, crystal points, hearts, Himalayan salt products, and more magical stones today!

    Any content listed regarding health has not been approved by the FDA. Using healing crystals is a personal choice and should not be used as treatment of a medical condition. Though crystals can help with certain things, we make no guarantee and everything written on our site is based on personal experience only and is not professional medical advice. For medical advice, you should consult a licensed healthcare specialist. By shopping with us, you agree with these terms.