Crystal Baby Names: Enchanting Baby Names Inspired by Crystals and Gemstones

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Are you obsessed with crystals? Or are you just getting into crystal healing and are enchanted by the sound of crystals and crystal inspired names? If you love crystals like me, you may be thinking of using a crystal inspired name for your baby! Over the years I have curated a list of crystal and stone inspired names that I LOVE. I will definitely be using one or more of these names when I have kids but several of these names will also show up in a novel I am currently writing. Below is a list of my personal favorites. These beautiful names for boys and girls are precious and will surely be unique, just like crystals themselves. Have a suggestion on another crystal baby name? Comment below!

Crystal Baby Names



Unique baby names have been trendy for a while now, and there is nothing more beautiful than a gem inspired name. Another really cool idea is to name your baby based off of their birth stone! Some of these names have really cute nicknames, for example Emma or Emmy could be nicknames for Emerald. Amy could be a nickname for Amethyst. There are so many possibilities and creative ideas!

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