The Best Wood Burning Tools You Need As a Beginner 2022

Wood Burning Tools For Beginners

I get a lot of questions about what tools I use for my wood burning art. I started out with a basic pyrography kit, and I still use it til this day! Wood burners range from very affordable to very expensive. I am going to share the best tools for beginners below (including burners, other tools, and wood surfaces) and what I currently still use from when I first started this craft!

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The Best Beginner Wood Burner Kit

The first wood burning kit I started with years ago is the Walnut Hollow Versa Tool, and guess what, this burner is still a must have tool for me! The starter kit comes with a variety of different wood burner tips so it is a great model to practice on. The heat is adjustable and you can buy other tips for it including letter stamps and more. It is truly an all around excellent burner for beginners! 

Best Erasers For Wood Burning

When you wood burn, especially as a beginner, you do a lot of erasing, and that is totally okay! Sometimes when you don't use the best eraser, the pencil lines are still visible even after you erase. These Tombow erasers are THE BEST and actually remove pencil lines better than any other erasers I have tried. It can be really frustrating when pencil lines still show up on your wood burning piece so I always recommend buying these awesome erasers. They will last you forever!

The Best Wood Surface To Burn On

There are many different woods you can burn on. Some are very easy to burn, and some are much more difficult and require better tools. Basswood is one of the best woods to burn, especially as a beginner. I still use this wood for 95% of my work I currently do. It's a softer wood so burning is easier and smoother. Walnut Hollow has beautiful basswood pieces available and they are sanded! I 100% recommend working on a piece of basswood, it makes the burning process so much easier.

 The Best Wood Burning Tools For Beginners & Professionals

That about covers the basic tools you need as a beginner wood burning artist. There are more things out there, but really all you need to start is a wood burning machine and a piece of wood. If you don't want to sketch out your art before burning that is totally fine too! There really is no right way, and you should do whatever works for you. I still use these tools but I have other professional tools I currently use as well.

If you are interested what tools are in my professional tool kit, I have another blog post on my blog website that covers everything I use as a wood burning professional! Check out this post: The Best Wood Burning Tools Recommended by a Professional Pyrography Artist.

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Thank you for reading! If you are interested in seeing my wood burning artwork, check out my pyrography art here.

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