Pet Art Gift Ideas For Your Favorite Dog Parent 2021

Pet Portrait art

Are you in need of a gift for a pet parent and not sure what to gift them? Or did someone close to you or yourself lose a special furry friend recently and want something made in their memory? Custom Pet Portraits are a great idea and make excellent gifts.

My Pet Portrait Paintings are hand painted with love and come in several size options. Since being a dog mom myself, I take pride in every single painting I do because I know how much we love our pets. It's no secret, Watercolor Pet Portraits are one of my favorite things to do! All I need is a great photo reference to work with and I can make your pet come to life in a beautiful painting!

Custom Watercolor Pet Paintings are available for dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, hedgehogs, or any animal you love. I have painted and drawn animals my whole life and would love the opportunity to paint a pet you love. See all of my Pet Portrait options below! 🐾

1. 5x7 Watercolor Pet Portrait Painting

Pet Portrait

My 5x7 portrait option has been a popular option for years. The smaller size allows for the portrait to be displayed easily anywhere, and is the more budget friendly option. This size painting is a very popular pet memorial gift among my clients.

Though this size is small, I am still able to capture a great amount of detail so the painting truly looks like your pet. These sweet paintings are available for any pet! I've done dogs, cats, and hedgehogs, but I would love to paint a variety of animals!


2. 8x10 Watercolor Pet Portrait Painting

Pet Portrait Art

The 8x10 Pet Portrait is a very common size for paintings, and frames are easily found in most home stores. My Pet Paintings are made with watercolors, ink, and sometimes colored pencil, whatever is needed to make your pet pop off the paper.

I've painted many memorial paintings of dogs over the years, and I've been told looking at the painting every day helps with the pain of losing a pet. I love my dogs with all my heart, and I am truly honored when I am asked to create a beautiful memorial piece. 


3. 9x12 Watercolor Pet Portrait Painting

9x12 Pet Portrait

My 9x12 portrait options was actually the first size I offered in my shop! 9x12 has been a popular option and the larger size allows for more detail in the painting. Each painting takes hours of work and I try to add as much detail as possible to truly capture your pet.

To produce the best work, I need to work with the best photos you have. Photos that work as awesome references would be pictures where the pet is looking straight at the camera and the eyes are clearly seen. The eyes are so important to get right because they capture your pets charm. Working from clear reference photos will help me do this! If you have questions on what photos will work best, don't hesitate to reach out to me!


Shop All Custom Pet Portrait Options

Thanks so much for reading my blog and checking out my pet portrait art! Click the link above to see all of my Custom Pet Art choices. Don't see a size you are interested in or have a question about my art or the ordering process? Contact me today. I can't wait to hear from you and I'm looking forward to painting your furry friend!



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