Stationery Item of The Month: Firefly Forest Greeting Card

Firefly Forest Art by Green Artist

Hey there traveler, thanks for stopping by! Today I want to highlight and discuss one of the most popular stationery items I have listed, my Firefly Forest Greeting Card.

This pretty greeting card honestly started off as a painting that I disliked. As an artist, I am very hard on myself and even some of my best work I dislike. It's really hard to make something I love, as I always seem to find parts of it I dislike.

After I finished painting this magical forest, I added some color pencil detail then scanned it into my computer to see how it would look as a small art print or card. I then started to think I should give it a chance, so I listed it as a greeting card and it has been my most popular item to date! Check out this review I received on my Etsy shop:

Handmade card review

Every night when I am trying to fall asleep, I drift into a fantasy world where anything is possible, and we aren't expected to be robots that do the same thing every day (like we are in this world). This fantasy realm that I have imagined has inspired me to start writing (currently planning/writing a trilogy series) and it also inspires much of the art I make.

This firefly forest painting is so special to me, and I have learned to love it and it is now one of my favorite greeting cards that I have in my shop. The original painting sits above my desk to remind me anything is possible, we just have to first believe in ourselves, and the rest will come.

I have never been a fan of store bought cards and just prefer more unique things, so I started making my own cards many years ago and now I sell them! All of my greeting cards are printed on thick paper, are blank inside, and come with white envelopes. You could also call my cards just everyday cards, as they really can be used for many different occasions and reasons. Use my handmade cards as birthday cards, get well soon cards, sympathy cards, or just as a card to send to someone you haven't talked to in a while. I love stationery items and handwritten notes, it always feels so much more personal when you give handwritten notes. Here is another review of my unique handmade cards:

stationery card review

I plan on adding more designs this year and look forward to new card collections I have in mind. If you are looking for something specific you don't see, I am always up to working on a custom order for you! You can also order my greeting cards in any quantity even if not shown, just simply reach out for a custom order.

Thank you for reading this brief little blog post on how my Firefly Forest greeting card came to be! This painting is also on a bookmark that is available to purchase as well. Another great gift idea!

You can view all of my card sets available here. We often add new card designs so make sure to check back often to see if anything new catches your eye. 

If you like my style of work and are interested in viewing some other art and items of mine, check out my pyrography art, where you can see a variety of unique wood burned items, or my wall art prints, where you'll find unique mixed media art prints that are great for adding pops of color to your walls, or if you aren't sure what to check out next, take a look at all of my current collections available here. Thanks so much for the support!

Till next time,


The Green Artist💚

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