Original Wood Burning Art - A Great Gift!

Original Wood Burning Art Gift by Green Artist

Wood burning art is one of the most unique gifts you can give.

The art of wood burning is so unique and can never be exactly recreated. The wood that gets burned on is also one of a kind, so every coaster, sign, or plaque is 100% a rare gem.

Burning on wood is so fun because not only is the wood stunning with all the knots, grains, and textures, it smells good and is natural art form! As an artist, wood is probably one of my favorite canvases and has continued to be for years.

Today I just want to briefly discuss why I think wood burning is the best gift to give a loved one or even yourself!

Along with many custom wood burned signs and art pieces I have done, I have also created custom wood coasters for individual gifts and as wedding favors (I have created hundreds of coasters over the years).

Custom wood burning can be made how you want. A few examples of what I have created for others are anniversary signs, last name signs, magnets, coasters, ornaments, and more.

I guess in the end, if you're looking for a custom and different gift to give someone, wood burning artwork is a good choice.

When I sell my work at shows or someone sees my signs displayed in my home, they are usually in awe and don't believe I actually made it. All of my pyrography artwork is 100% handmade. No stencils are used in creating it. Many confuse wood burning with engraving. Engraving (or lasers) is a programmed machine that lasers it on for you. I am wood burning all my work with only my trusty hand! So wood burned art is a great gift for people who appreciate art and all the hours that go into it.

Wood burning art is a skill that has to be learned and can be very tricky at times. With patience and many hours, I have grown to a professional level and have created work for clients all over the country.

So if you are looking at my wood signs and coasters and thinking you may want to request a custom order or purchase one of my originals for someone, trust me, they will love it! I have had so many clients tell me their family or friends beloved reactions to them receiving my work. I am thankful everyday for this skill and love what I do!

How Do You Start Wood Burning?

If you would like to get into wood burning yourself, I have many resources to get you started in the art of burning wood! It can be overwhelming when starting a new craft, so if you're asking google "how to do wood burning art", you're in the right place! I love to share my knowledge, so check out my links below on how to blogs, tools you need, and more.


Thanks for reading!

Amanda 💚

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