Now Available: Beautiful Hand Painted Rocks

Hand Painted Rock Art by Green Artist

I am so excited to announce that I am now selling beautiful painted rocks!

For years I have created many different types of rock art, but now I finally have painted rocks for sale here on my site.

Hand Painted Rock Art

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The rocks I have listed currently were created by acrylic paint pouring. By using many different paint pouring techniques, you can create some really stunning painted rocks.

Eventually I will probably have other kinds of rock art available to purchase, but right now I am focusing on the acrylic poured rock art. It has become a therapy to me, and I truly love making these stunning pieces of art.

Check out my paint pouring supplies here!


Every rock I use has been hand selected by me. I find rocks on nature walks, by rivers, lakes, etc. The only rocks I pick up to use are ones that speak to me, are beautifully flat for a canvas to create on, or are shaped cool. The process is so much fun as I'm finding the rock in nature and then transforming it into something so unique.

As a Green Artist, I truly love to create on natural canvases. It was one of the main reasons I chose my business name so many moons ago. There is just something so much more special about creating art on rock, wood, fungi, or any natural surface than just plain canvas or paper.

Creating on natural canvas also gets you more in tune with nature. You can literally go out in nature to pick the material you are going to create on! I have enjoyed so many long walks picking up and sourcing rocks, sticks, fungi, wood slices from fallen trees, and more.

So if you're looking for painted rocks for your garden or just hand painted rock art to give as a gift, I hope you check out my painted rock collection!

I put so much work in every single painting and it makes me so happy when my art finds new homes.

Thanks for reading and click here to check out my hand painted rock art for sale!

Love & Light

Amanda The Green Artist 💚

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