New in The Shop - Wood Burned Sunflower Coasters!

Sunflower Wood Burned Coasters by Green Artist

I made it a 2022 goal to write at least one blog post a month for my website here. I actually just started a whole other website just as a blog, so if you want to check that out click here.

If you've browsed my site, you probably can see how much I love sunflowers. It's definitely no secret that sunflowers are one of my favorites. They show up a lot in my work, and I'm excited to announce my new wood burned sunflower coasters!


@greenartistdesigns New wood burned sunflower coasters now available! Link in bio💚 #fyp #viral #satisfying #woodburning #foryou #woodburnart #pyrography #coasters ♬ It's All Coming Back To Me Now - Céline Dion

I love making coasters, they are also more affordable to purchase and make an excellent gift.

These custom wood burned coasters are burned delicately by hand and are truly unique. Since they are made to order, every coaster will be slightly different. 

I don't use stencils, or engraving machines that do the work for you. These coasters are drawn out by hand then burned. 

My wood burned coasters have been popular for many years now. I do many coasters for wedding favors and have made many other special coaster sets for clients. 

I am trying to grow my wood burning category here on my site because everyone always tells me how much they love my pyrography work! I have been wood burning since about 2016 and really haven't stopped since.

I don't have tons of wood burning work online because it simply takes so much time to create. It's not a quick process. Burning takes time, and the finishing process takes days as well. I don't have lots of time at the moment to be creating new pieces to add to my shop, so I decided to start with adding coasters.

Don't get me wrong, these coasters still take days to make, but its a smaller item so it's not as time consuming as a large wood burned sign.

Thanks for reading! If you are interested in custom wood burning work, you can contact me for availability through my online form.

If you want to see my other wood burning art currently available, click here.

Till next time,

Love & Light,


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