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Rose Quartz


    Rose Quartz Crystal

    As one of the most popular crystals out there, rose quartz is known as the love stone. It is not only a popular stone, but is also a favorite healing crystal for many, including myself! Along with clear quartz, pink quartz can be used for so many things and is a truly beautiful stone.

    Rose Quartz Meaning: Rose Quartz promotes romantic love, self love, and more. This is a very positive stone, meaning you can use it to help promote positive vibes in your space. You can also attract romantic love and bring in love or romance with this stone. Rose quartz can help with self-love as well. Place a piece of rose quartz where you want to bring in loving vibes. This soothing stone is amazing and having one in every room of your home creates an amazing environment.

    Rose Quartz Color: Rose quartz ranges from a deep pink to a very light peachy pink. It comes in so many different hues of beautiful pink and every piece is stunning. Sometimes pieces of quartz may have white or brown spots, and this is normal. Remember crystals come from the earth, they are 100% natural and aren't perfect, as nothing is. They are all beautiful in their own way!

    We have been selling gorgeous rose quartz towers, raw rose quartz chunks, tumbled rose stones, and quartz jewelry for many years. Every piece is hand selected and inspected. If it isn't up to our standards, it will not be listed for sale and we will adopt it into our crystal collection.

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