Oracle Cards

Oracle Card Decks

Oracle and inspiration card decks are magical tools you can use everyday to bring inspiration, peace, and good vibes into your life. These unique decks are all extremely different but enchanting in their own way. You should always pick a deck that speaks to you.

How to use oracle cards: oracle card decks are not hard to use, and honestly there really is no wrong way to use the cards. Take your cards and hold them in your hands to infuse your energy into them. Pull a card to see what you need to hear in that moment. You can pull a card in the morning, or whenever you need some guidance on a situation or feeling.

I like to pull an oracle card or two every morning so I start my day off with some positive vibes. I'll also pull a card at random times throughout the day if I feel like I need some guidance.

As mentioned above, there is no right way to work with oracle cards and you will find out quickly what works for you. Our collection of unique oracle decks are very beginner-friendly.

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