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Angel Himalayan Salt Lamp


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Create a beautiful and calming vibe in your home with this beautiful Angel Himalayan Salt Lamp! Himalayan Salt Lamps are great at bringing a warm ambiance into any room with the flick of a switch. Equipped with a dimmer, this unique salt lamp would make an excellent gift. Read more about this Angel Salt Lamp below!

  • Radiates a beautiful calming warm glow
  • Made with authentic Himalayan Salt
  • Approximately 8.5" tall
  • Attached on a sturdy wooden base
  • Equipped with a dimmer for adjustable lighting
  • Comes fully assembled with a UL approved power cord, bulb, and switch 
  • Please note color & appearance may vary as this is a natural product so not every lamp is identical

Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits: You may be wondering, do Himalayan salt lamps actually work? A major benefit that is often wondered about salt lamps is if they cleanse the air. Though there is no evidence to this claim, the one thing they can do for sure is help you get a better sleep and improve your mood. The warm soft glow creates a beautiful ambiance that helps you unwind and fall asleep. After a long day behind a computer, this lamp can definitely calm you down and relax your environment. I can attest to this!

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