Crystal Towers by Green Artist

Crystal Towers


    Natural Crystal Towers

    Crystal towers are excellent pieces to have in your crystal and rock collection! Our genuine crystal point collection includes raw crystal towers and polished crystal points. There are many different types of crystal points out there, and we try to have many types of healing crystal towers in our collection. You can ensure our healing crystals are the highest quality with magical vibes.

    These crystal points are great for window display, or anywhere where you need some magical decor. They double up as decor and energy healers, how cool is that! What makes tower crystals so powerful is the shape of them. As a point, they make extremely powerful energy generators. They can concentrate energy in one direction and are great to place in the center of a crystal grid.

    I personally love to display crystal towers in all of my window sills of my home(I have a lot of crystals!). They are one of my favorite shapes of crystals because you can feel the energy as soon as you hold the point. Shop rose quartz crystal towers, labradorite, tourmaline, clear quartz towers, and more in our popular healing crystal towers collection.