Angel Aura Quartz Crystal Collection by Green Artist

Angel Aura Quartz


    Aura Quartz

    Aura Quartz is a crystal that looks to be straight out of a fairy tale. When you twist and turn this stone, you see an array of sparkling and soothing colors that almost seem to be from the angelic realm. Considered a high vibration crystal, aura crystals are enhanced natural stones that are bonded with precious metals from the earth. These magical minerals are not only perfectly stunning, but can help bring joy and happiness to your environment. Having an aura quartz cluster on your desk or in an area of your home that you are in a lot will promote positive vibes and will also serve as a great display piece!

    Every crystal you see in this collection whether it's an aura quartz cluster, an aura crystal tower, or an angel aura rose quartz stone, is hand selected and curated by us. You can 100% assure every aura crystal listed on our site has high vibrational energy and is breathtaking magical.

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