Why Himalayan Salt Products Make an Awesome Gift

Himalayan Salt Products by Green Artist Designs

We just added Himalayan Salt Products to our store because we have been fans for years, but if you are looking for a gift for someone and have ZERO idea of what to get them, keep reading! Himalayan Salt lamps and accessories are such a versatile and cool gift. Even if the person you are buying for has never heard of Himalayan Salt Lamps before, most times they are going to be so interested in learning more! Himalayan products can be displayed anywhere, and we carry products that are multi-purpose and aren't just lamps. Every salt product is unique, and never the same, which makes them a fun and rememberable gift.

Himalayan lamps are believed to produce positive ions and to improve air quality. Even if that is not 100% proven, they truly create a beautiful relaxing glow to help put you in a better mood, get a better nights sleep, and they are just gorgeous to have in your home! Below are our 3 top Himalayan Salt gifts that are great to give for any occasion. Click the titles to shop!

Top 3 Himalayan Salt Gifts

Himalayan Salt Heart Massage Stone

If you are looking to not purchase a lamp, these salt heart massage stones are seriously the best. Simply warm up the stone and massage over an area of pain. The stone can hold heat for over an hour and is a great self care activity to do while watching tv or reading a book.

Himalayan Salt Lamp

The classic and iconic item that most people know of are Himalayan Salt lamps. You really can't go wrong with this beautiful gift. I know many people who have these in their homes and love them. I have had one for almost 10 years and my collection has grown and I have one in almost every room. They truly put you in a great mood and I love to have mine on at night to create a magical and beautiful glow.

Himalayan Salt Night Light

I love having Himalayan Salt Night Lights around. They are smaller than the traditional lamps and are great to place in any small corner of your house. They give off the same benefits as a lamp, but are easier to place in your home because of the size and versatility. 

Besides Himalayan Salt lights, we offer a variety of crystals and minerals that also make great gifts. Click here to check out our latest crystal healing towers, natural rose quartz, labradorite, and so much more!


Thanks so much for reading!

Amanda, The Green Artist 💚

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