Rose Quartz: All About Rose Quartz & How To Use This Stunning Love Crystal

Rose Quartz Healing Crystal

Rose Quartz is probably one of my favorite healing crystals. It’s one of the first crystals I started with when I got into crystals and is a great one to start with if you are just beginning your crystal journey. Rose Quartz is famously known as the love crystal. This means romantic love, and self love! Overall it is one of the most soothing and calming stones out there. Rose quartz is often available in its raw form, as polished towers, spheres, and tumbled stones. Keep reading if you would like to learn more about rose quartz benefits!

✨What is Rose Quartz?

Rose Quartz is simply a pink version of clear quartz. The color ranges from light pink to darker pink and is often transparent.

What is Rose Quartz good for?

Rose Quartz

 Rose quartz is known as being a soothing and loving crystal. It is associated with the heart chakra. I use rose quartz when I have feelings of self doubt. Place a piece of rose quartz under your pillow at night to have gentle dreams and to attract loving vibes to you. You could also lay down and place a piece over your heart, which is very powerful.

You can attract romantic love with rose quartz by wearing it or by carrying a piece with you always. Set an intention with your crystal, what do you want out of it? If you are looking for love, set the intention within the crystal and bring it with you everywhere.

Personally, I love to have rose quartz in every room of my home. Many people love to have rose quartz in their bedroom, or on their desk at work. There is just something about it that radiates the most beautiful energy, (plus the color is stunning)!💕

Not only does rose quartz help with romantic and self love, it can simply just attract positive vibes. This is why I have it all over my home!

How to cleanse Rose Quartz

All crystals need to be cleansed from time to time. If you are trying to attract positive energy, crystals can often absorb negative energy to block it from you. There are multiple ways to cleanse rose quartz. One of my favorite ways is to place my crystal outside during the day when the sun is out. The sun is so powerful and every time I cleanse my crystals in the sun they are so full of energy! You don’t want to leave it outside in the sun hours though, as the stone may fade. I usually leave mine out for about 30 minutes to an hour max depending on the season. I live in New York State, so if you live somewhere where the sun is much more powerful, I wouldn’t leave your stone out for very long.

Another way of cleansing rose quartz is leaving it out overnight under the moonlight. The moon is also a great tool for cleansing crystals! I don’t do this method very often but it’s great to do this method every so often. You could also leave your crystal in your window to absorb the moon/sun if you want to protect your crystal from weather.

Other popular ways of cleansing rose quartz is with selenite. If you have selenite, just simply place your rose quartz over it. Selenite is excellent and can charge any crystal!

Why should you cleanse Rose Quartz?

Like any crystal, rose quartz can absorb energy and sometimes needs to be refreshed and cleansed. I try to cleanse my crystals at least one a week or however often you feel is necessary based on how much you use them. Even though rose quartz is a loving and joyful stone, it can absorb negative energy so it is important to cleanse it often.


Thanks for reading about rose quartz! If you are interested in adding more crystals to your collection, check out my wide selection of ethically sourced healing crystals, all personally curated by me! 

Love and light,

Amanda, The Green Artist💚

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